Ever since I could hold a crayon, I've drawn, colored, doodled and created. Through my love of art, I discovered my life-long passion: graphic design.

Growing up, my dad was a commercial artist and I admired his work. He encouraged me at an early age to pursue my own art. This sparked a wonderful thought: I could create art for a living and do it every day! I sought out to learn and experiment with the Adobe applications and other forms of art. I even worked on my high school yearbook and took a life drawing class during the summer of my Senior year in high school at the Minnetonka Center for the  Arts.

Starting college I knew what I wanted to major in and I was excited to learn. Throughout my time there, I grew as a designer and had a new appreciation for art too. I started my design career as a Graphic Design Intern at Canterbury Park. I then moved on to a full-time Graphic Design position at Johnson Brothers in St. Paul.

I'm doing what I love every day. I don't see it as work, it's my passion!

I also just launched an Etsy Shop, check it out!